Let us all have a good sleeping environment

The sleeping environment includes three aspects.

  • the bedroom environment;
  • the bed environment;
  • the internal environment of the human body.
The quality of a person’s sleep environment can directly affect the quality of his day’s sleep, so a good sleep environment is very important. There must be.
The bedroom environment includes seven points: location, color (walls and curtains), sound (including indoor sound and outdoor sound), light (indoor lighting, outdoor light, temperature, humidity, ventilation, and others (mosquitoes, fleas, flies, etc.) hinder sleep Of insects).
1. Color: Blue and green are the colors of the sea and trees, which are good for mood stability.
2. Light: When a person sleeps, light can cause eyelid irritation and inhibit the secretion of melatonin from the pineal gland. Therefore, the light in the bedroom should be dark rather than bright during sleep. “Quiet” and “darkness” are the two major elements of sleep.
3. Temperature: 22.3℃ is more suitable in summer.
4. Humidity: 40%~60% is appropriate.
5. Mattress: From an ergonomic point of view, the human skeleton has two major joints, namely the lumbar spine and the cervical spine. When a person lies on a soft mattress, the body becomes a “W” shape; and the human body forms a “W” shape. V” shape or straight shape is the most comfortable posture for sleep. The “W”-shaped breathing is unnatural, while the “V”-shaped and straight-line breathing rhythms are natural and smooth. The pressure exerted by the mattress on the back of the body is called “body pressure”. For a hard mattress, the greater the body pressure on the insensitive part, the lower the pressure on the sensitive part; on the contrary, the soft mattress, whether it feels sensitive or insensitive The body pressure is the same, the pressure is far stronger than the former, and sleep is of course uncomfortable.
6. Bed width: 2.5~3 times the shoulder width is appropriate, too wide may cause anxiety
7. Pillow: It should not be too high or too low. It is appropriate to have a high fist and moderate hardness; its length is equal to the width of the shoulders. Cooling the head and warming the feet is the most comfortable way to sleep.


Baby’s sleep is very important to the baby’s healthy growth. Mom and dad should provide a good sleeping environment for the baby. So in what ways should we work hard?
1: Baby’s bedroom should be ventilated every day to keep fresh air and suitable temperature. In summer, the baby should be covered with a cool quilt. If the baby feels hot, you can turn on the air conditioner appropriately to lower the indoor temperature so that the baby can sleep peacefully. In winter, the weather is relatively cold, so you need to remember to cover your baby with a thin, moderate quilt, so that the baby can stretch his body when he sleeps without sweating on his head.
2: When the baby is sleeping, the parents can dim the indoor light, or draw the curtains, close the chandelier, and turn on the desk lamp to create a drowsy atmosphere.
3: In order for the baby to have a better sleep quality, parents should pay attention to keeping the baby’s room quiet.
4: When the baby is asleep, don’t often have people walking back and forth in the room to avoid distracting the baby.
5: The baby’s bedding must be dried frequently to keep it clean and dry in order to ensure the baby’s sleep hygiene.
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