Why are there four pillows on the double bed in the hotel? The waiter tells the truth, it has to do with health. 

I believe that when you go to other cities, you will choose to stay in hotels. People who often stay in hotels will find this phenomenon. Four pillows are placed on the double bed in the hotel. Then, why?

First of all, the most important reason is that the hotel needs to provide customers with the most comprehensive service. When we sleep, we sleep on a pillow, and the extra will be thrown aside. This can only mean that you have no good intentions to get to the hotel. The hotel staff tells you how to use it.

In fact, it’s important to put 4 pillows. They have a lot to do with people’s sleep. Whether you can rest well on the bed depends on whether the pillows will be used. Science says: You must keep your head and pillow in a reasonable height range when you sleep. If it is too high or low, it will have a negative impact on the human cervical spine.

If you want to have a high-quality sleep, the choice of pillow head is very important. If you sleep on your back, place one pillow under your neck and head, and another pillow under your knees. This can reduce pressure on your waist and improve sleep quality. When sleeping on the side, you can stack the two pillows together and stagger them appropriately to relieve the discomfort of the cervical spine and make people sleep more comfortable.

How about your sleeps?



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