There are many varieties of towels, and it has a big gap in quality. There are several aspects to pay attention to when buying towels correctly.


  1. Go to a regular store to buy towels with clear marks. The source of goods in shopping malls, supermarkets or specialty stores is generally from regular manufacturers. Qualified towel products should have a standardized logo, clearly indicating the manufacturer, place of production, telephone number, trademark, implementation standard, washing method, etc.
  2. When purchasing towels, consumers can also check whether there is a “star towel product mark” on the product, and whether there is an OEKO100 ecological textile certification mark. Products that have passed the ecological textile certification are completely free of toxic and pathogenic substances and are completely green and environmentally friendly. The quality of star towel products is completely excellent.
  3. Look: Whether the towel is sewn finely and neatly, whether the loop height is flat, whether the color is pure and bright, and there is no unevenness in depth.
  4. Touch: A good cotton towel feels fluffy, soft and non-slippy. It is soft and elastic when held in a fist, and no lint will fall off when tapped.
  5. Smell: Good towels have no peculiar smell.
  6. Test: first measure the hygroscopicity; the method is to hang the towel, soak it with water and throw it on the towel, the water droplets do not roll off, indicating that the water absorption is good; if the water droplets roll off, it indicates that the softener in the towel is excessive Or insufficient refinement. Second, the color fastness is measured; the method is to first pour hot water at about 80℃ into the basin, and then put a towel up and down to wash, and the water in the basin does not change color. If there is obvious fading, it indicates that the quality of printing and dyeing is poor, which is harmful to human health.


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